Nationally Certified and State Licensed in Herbology

Hello Acupuncture and Herb Aficionados,

After 2.5 years of study,  almost 900 hours in the classroom and clinic, and many, many more hours studying at home, I am now nationally certified by the NCCAOM and licensed in New Jersey. NJ is only one of 6 or 7 states that require a formal license for herbology. 

I have been using herbs myself since I was in acupuncture school in 2002. I first studied basic formulas and commonly used patents with Anastacia White in 2010. 

What I love about them is their power, safety, and time-tested appeal. Many of the formulas and herbs that are still used were recorded in 220 A.D. in Han Dynasty China. Like the Bible or Torah or other ancient text, these herbs and complex formulas have been continuously used, discussed, and modified since then. And of course now, in the context of modern medicine, there have been modifications and new insights applied. Some herbs and especially endangered animal substances have been banned and are no longer used by ethically-minded practitioners even though they might still be sought after by some consumers. 

This medicine is very complex. I have been actively studying it for over 15 years. Some people have told me I'm a good student. And I am telling you, that you should not think of traditional East Asian herbal medicine as something easy to learn or apply. It is systematic, safe (in the hands of a trained practitioner), and usually very effective.

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or to schedule an appointment.