After having seen many doctors from the area for my constant neck and back pain, I opted for acupuncture, I did some research and make an appointment at 'Aiki Acupuncture' and since the first treatment I started feelling my neck more flexible. I believe that Bill's interest and dedication to the treatment through the whole time of the appointment is the key to the wonderful results. I have been attending 'Aiki Acupuncture' since the middle of 2009 and I will continue doing so. For me, this is the best medicine for an achy body.

Enith Belleville, NJ

Bill is a phenomenal and caring professional who is experienced and knowledgeable. His various techniques of both Japanese and Chinese acupuncture have made the difference in my productivity, emotional well-being, and quality of life. I work full time, went to school part time, and am also a parent, so getting acupuncture weekly helps me to stay happy, energetic, and focused. I often recommend him to my friends and he has helped them achieve their wellness goals.

Maria Margate Montclair, NJ

Bill is exceptional. He is professional, smart, gentle, and forthright, and these are just a few of his outstanding qualities. Bill is always willing to answer my questions and explain his methods and he is thorough and interested in treating the “whole person”. He has provided relief for my migraines (I have fewer and use less medication) as well as relief for joint and lower back pain issues. I can’t say enough good things about Bill. He has contributed to my overall improved health and for this I am truly grateful.
Amy Surraco Montclair, NJ

Initially skeptical, but curious, I tried acupuncture after all traditional methods of pain management were unsuccessful. I suffer from 3 herniated disks in my neck. Not only did acupuncture help my neck, but other aliments as well. As a matter of fact, I was simultaneously suffering excruciating pain in my pelvis, that had yet to be diagnosed. The pain was severe and debilitating. While in the throes of one such pain attack, I was visiting Bill for treatment on my neck. He placed several needles in my foot and calf and the pain in my pelvis immediately stopped. If I wasn't a believer yet, that day I became a convert. Now I tell anyone who will listen to try acupuncture. It really works.

Laura West Orange, NJ

Bill Lehr is a caring and compassionate healer. He helped me to get through some very painful times this past year. His skillful use of acupuncture relieved my physical pain and also allowed my emotional pain to come to the surface where it could be expressed and released. I will be forever grateful to Bill for helping me and highly recommend him.

Ellen Clifton, NJ

My initial experience with Bill Lehr at Aiki Acupuncture was for treatment of a very painful strained trapezious muscle. Thanks to the treatment, that problem cleared up quickly. I have continued to see Bill for regular accupuncture treatments, as I have found that those sessions bring about a level of relaxation and tranquility such as I have never experienced before in my life, and those feelings of calm are long-lasting.

Charlie Marro Montclair, NJ

I am a chronic insomniac who has suffered with the condition for about 20 years. Before finding Bill, I tried every trick in the book to manage stress to allow me to get a good night's sleep. I even tried another acupuncturist a couple years before finding Bill, but the treatment didn't help at all. Once I began treatment with Bill, my overall wellness improved and along with that, so did my ability to sleep. Bill's treatments were so effective that I began to see him regularly on a biweekly basis for over 5 years. I would highly recommend Bill to anyone seeking relief from stress and/or insomnia. His meticulous approach to first understanding his patients' ailments before determining how to treat them, calm demeanor, vast acupuncture knowledge, and flexibility in approach to treatment differentiate him from other acupuncturists.

Chad South Orange, NJ

Hi Bill - the treatment was great!! So far NOOO sinus pain at all! I want to come back for some back and neck pain but I am sooo much better - you work miracles!! Thank you! Hope all is well! See you soon...

Jaime S. Cedar Grove, NJ

Mr. Bill Lehr has provided me with traditional accupucture to aid severe shoulder arthritis and less severe arthritis in my neck and hands. I have used other accupunturists for the past twenty years. The most frequently used was also an MD in internal medicine. I have found that Mr. Lehr was far more thorough and was more helpful in reducing the arthritic pain than were the previous acupuncturists. He seems to have an unusually strong abiltiy to provide help where others have done less well. Mr. Lehr seems to possess a natural talent for traditional accupuncture. As he gains experience I'm certain he will become one of the finest in the profession.

Donald Humphreys, PhD Professor EmeritusTemple University July 2005

One day when I tried to open a window my back went out. I basically collapsed and couldn't move. My wife dragged me to the bed where I was lying for 24 hours - in pain and unable to move. She contacted Bill Lehr. I never had acupuncture before and was very skeptical. The treatment was painless and - unexpectedly - even relaxing. A couple of hours later I could feel significant relief. The next morning I was able to get up and walk around as if nothing had happened. I don't know how he did it but I can say that Bill Lehr is a highly skilled acupuncture practitioner and I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Uwe Kristen New York, NY 2005

He did it again. Bill with his magic needles saved my back even after cortisone and epidurals had failed. BIll used to be in Manhattan and is now in Montclair. I have tried other acupuncturists and chiropractors (and, as mentioned, cortisone and epidural as well) for back and leg issues I had since last July. Then I remembered Bill, who had helped me 8 years ago. He treated me last week and for the first time in more than 6 months I am without pain. And it is now 2 weeks out, and I am still better.

Uwe Kristen New York, NY 2011

I have had remarkable success treating Uwe. Each time I treated him only once and he has had complete recovery. While this does happen from time to time, it is more realistic to expect one to several visits for acute issues, and once or twice a week visits for 1 or more months for chronic issues. Each patient's care plan will differ, though, as each patient is unique.

Bill Lehr

To all whom may be in need : I Highly recommend Bill Lehr of AIKI Acupuncture for any health problems you may be experiencing. I have had acupuncture in New York with some of the best in the field and I must say that Bill Lehr is right up there with them. He has taken care of my IBS,Acid Reflux,Prostatitis and other ailments. If this were Merry " Ole England" I'd promote him for Knighthood. I can honestly state that he is a "miracle worker"!

John IBergen Country NJ

Bill has treated me for intermittent--sometimes severe--leg weakness, leg numbness, and sciatica pain. After just several sessions, I noticed tremendous relief. I'm taking long walks again, hitting the tennis ball, and sitting at the computer for hours. What's more, his acupuncture work has been wonderfully tranquilizing.

Dave Biro NJ